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Patreon Membership

If you are the sort of person that wants regular contact to feed your creativity I am offering an online option via Patreon that is very similar to a regular weekly class.  Patreon is an idealistic platform that offers a service to help artists manage subscriptions and it enables me to offer you a choice of subscription types so that you can choose your level of involvement.  There’s a basic tier which keeps you updated, one that gives you a couple of zoom sessions a month and the top level tier which, not only gives you a couple of zoom sessions, but it also gives you regular 1-day drawing workshops (these will be, pretty much, once a month).  The activities on Patreon will be supported by PDF notes and will be very similar to the way we operated in the weekly classes. 

Whichever level you choose, Patreon enables me to stay in regular contact with you so I can distribute creative ideas, post news, ask for your feedback and (crucially in these uncertain times) notify you of any changes or developments.  For example, if you want to be first in the queue for the very limited number of places in a face to face workshop, the Patreon page will be the place where this kind of information is circulated first.  This is very similar to how the weekly classes operated:  a regular dose of creative ideas, really good pdf course notes, interaction with others and a supportive environment.  All of the levels that I offer on Patreon are massively good value and have been devised to enable your creativity.  The more of you that join, the better it will be, because it has been set up to support your creativity and your community.

You can join via my patreon page .  Specific Patreon online study days are free via the Drawing Discovery subscription.  Alternatively you can join individual workshops by buying a ticket (the options are listed below) 


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