General Information for Online Courses

Our mission is to make the highest quality art courses, to offer a positive and supportive environment and to assist you to develop your own individual approach to drawing.  All of our courses are compatible with the digital genre and our newest courses now also offer additional instructions for those of you who choose to work digitally (including lots of fresh ideas and drawing exercises that are specific to this new digital genre).  The majority of our classes will be taught online for the foreseeable future enabling you to share this unique, creative and rewarding experience with us in your own way, at a time and place that suits you best.  Our courses are suitable for everyone, though you may find it helpful to start with our foundation courses First Steps in Pen & Ink  and Further Steps in Pen & Ink if you are entirely new to drawing. 

All of our courses are self-paced and everything is presented in logical steps that are easy to follow in your own way.  If you are wondering what the courses look like you can now download a FREE SAMPLE course called Sketch Workshop: Hidden Treasure

Online drawing classes and sketch workshops

We believe that these courses are a great resource, offering you the opportunity to take the content at your own pace and in the time that you have available.  They are presented and structured in such a way that you can dip in and out of the written content.  If you find yourself stopping, backtracking, or turning a corner to look up some information on the internet before continuing then you are following the course creatively and in the manner for which it was designed.  A number of our newest courses now also include additional instructions for those of you who are working digitally.

Our courses fall into two broad categories:

  1. Sketch workshops: which focus on helping you progress creatively.  Each course is purposely developed to help you make best use of your sketchbook to document your surroundings and nurture and develop your ideas (5-6 hours of drawing to complete a session).

  2. Drawing workshops: which focus on drawing theory and drawing from life, reproducing a classic regular drawing class online. (4-3 hours of drawing to complete a session)

Please note that currently these courses are not available for immediate download, you will receive weblinks by email within 48 hours of purchase

Course Elements

When you enrol on an online course you will be sent the course materials by email and these generally consist of the following elements:

A website link to the main course content.  There is usually a separate link for each part of the course  (a 4-part course, for example, will have 4 separate links).  This should render itself onto any device and you can then navigate the session content either by clicking on particular elements and/or by using the forward and back arrows at the bottom of the screen (or, if you have one, the zoom wheel on your mouse).  There is now also a Home button and a back arrow to the right of the screen.  This enables us to share lots of high quality images with you as well as little demonstration videos.  

A website link to a PDF of the Course Summary. To help you navigate the course content we provide a printable PDF course summary that lists the main topics and drawing exercises.


A separate website link to a folio of visual images.  A folio of additional images is provided as a separate google slides folder for a majority of courses particularly the sketch workshops.  Please note that our foundation courses (First Steps in Pen & Ink and Further Steps in Pen & Ink) don't have a folio of images, these are included in the main body of the course content instead, this is just so that it is simpler for new students to navigate the course.


Opportunity to participate online.  We are building our own independent community which includes an independent forum for you to share your work with others.  You can join this community via Patreon: take a look at the Join Our Community page for more information about this.  You can also still share your drawings on our Facebook group: Debora Cane Art Classes Student Group (to take part you need to find this group on facebook and make a request to become a member). 

Co-ordinated Zoom Sessions we know that you all really value the face-to-face aspect of the class experience and you can now join me and your fellow students via these.  We have a whole page devoted to how this all works.

Art Class Membership via Patreon is a new, independent way of progressing with these classes.  Give it a try, we're still working on finding out all of the different things we can offer on this platform and we'll be continuing to improve this as the months move on.  It is genuinely independent: no-one is collecting data about you on this platform, or putting up adverts - that's why it has to be a subscription service.  

Materials & Equipment

These courses do not require you to purchase lots of different materials  If you have a set of old watercolours in a drawer , a pencil, a rubber, and a couple of  black fineliner pens, that is pretty much all you need to get started.


Ideally a tablet is the best device to use to take photographs on and view the pictures later when you come to draw them.  Alternatively, a smartphone can also be used (and I gather you can do clever things with linking phones to tablets etc.).  You may find that you’d prefer to use two devices at the same time: a tablet/phone for images and a laptop/surface for your course notes.  Feel free to use whichever combination of devices best suits you.

Email: deboracaneart@gmail.com

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