Co-ordinated Zoom Sessions


We know that lots of you loved your regular weekly classes (we did too!).  We now offer some regular weekly zoom sessions that are as close as we can get to the face-to-face class experience.  You still have to purchase the online self-paced course separately and then you top it up with the bundle of 5 zoom sessions that relate to that particular course. 

These zoom sessions are set up in a structured way: zoom session 1 relates to Part 1 of your course, zoom session 2 to Part 2 etc.  The total length of each zoom session is approximately 2 hours and it is split into 2 halves. So, for example, if your session begins at 10am it starts with a little demonstration of the first section of the course, followed by a period of us all drawing together (you’re welcome to chip in with questions during this time) just like in a normal class.  We’ll have a short break at approximately 10:45 and resume at 11am with another short demonstration and a period of drawing finishing just before 12pm.  The sessions will be recorded and links to the sessions will be sent out to subscribers weekly so if you miss a session, or want to look at something again, it is available to you.  Recordings will be stored for at least 12 weeks from the commencement of the zoom bundles (for example, if you start your course on 20 September they will be stored until at least 6 December, realistically I’d probably delete the files during the Christmas break).  Numbers on these zoom sessions will be limited to 30 people.

One final point: you don’t have to buy the online course twice.  I have put them together here for ease of reference but if you already have a copy of the course all you need to purchase is the set of zoom sessions.

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