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An overwhelming majority of you requested an independent forum where you can share your work, and this started me on my search that has landed up at the Patreon subscription platform.  It offers us all a way forward to create an independent community and possibly to turn it into a full-on online drawing academy.  There will be no adverts and absolutely no compromise over your personal data on this system.  It will enable you to communicate with each other, share your work, build friendships, immerse yourself in creativity.

We have been very careful not to promise anything that we are not absolutely sure that we can technically deliver in these early stages.  There’s a huge amount of work on the technical side going on in the background (and a very steep learning curve for me).  Please be patient but do please highlight any difficulties that you may encounter.  For the first couple of months we’re just going to ensure that the forums are working properly and that everyone can access the links that we post to videos and pdfs. 


Note that, in order to watch our videos you may need to download an MP4 player, this is not a subscription it’s exactly the same as an Adobe reader and you should be able to download one that is appropriate for your device free.  We’ve started a YouTube channel which will make watching videos easier.  However, there will always be videos that are exclusive to Patreons (that’s you!) and these should play directly from the patreon webpage.

We are continually developing, updating and improving our content and your subscription on Patreon is no exception.  We will be adding new strands to what we can offer you as we learn more about how to use the platform and set up these new types of content.   For example, we’re guaranteeing at least one video a month but, once we’re in the swing of things, we hope to be offering more.  We’ve also tabled the Academy Journal to be bi-monthly but, once we get it all set up, we hope to offer about 10 issues a year.  The Academy Journal will have all sorts of fab things in it like product reviews, creative ideas, drawing tips, book reviews and maybe I can persuade Rey East to write some articles about working digitally.  The Academy will provide lots of tips to help you work creatively week in, week out we just need a bit of time (and your support) to get us started.

Art Class Connect

£1 + VAT per month

Touch base each month and receive an email  that contains a link to our PDF newsletter.  Simple, straightforward, join us!

Art Class Membership

£4 + VAT per month

Be the first to hear about new courses and activities (at least 7 days before anyone else) via our newsletter and early-bird posts on patreon.  Plus at least one short how-to video per month. We hope to offer much more on this tier very soon.  Help us to build our community.  Join us!

Art Class Community

£10 + VAT per month

The main feedback we've had from you over the past few months is that you want to be able to share your work with others in an independent forum.  Well, here it is!  A space where you can start discussions and build friendships, somewhere to share your work and your individual creative journey with each other. 


We've also added two open Zoom sessions per month.  These are currently scheduled in the following pattern:

11:00 on the second Tuesday of the month and 19:00 on the third Monday of the month
unless there is an obvious reason to alter the schedule slightly (such as their falling in the same week, specific dates will be notified regularly)

At the moment we guarantee one video relating to tips about observational drawing per month but as things settle down we hope to offer you much more. Lots more great stuff on the way as we settle into this new way of connecting with you!

Art Class Academy

£25 + VAT per month

If you want to immerse yourself in creativity this is the one for you. All of the benefits of the art class community along with additional longer videos about how I create a drawing, updates on what I’m working on (and how I’m doing it).


We have also added weekly open Academy zoom sessions where you can ask questions these are currently scheduled in the following pattern:

11:00 first and third Tuesday of the month

19:00 on the second and the fourth Monday of the month

unless there is an obvious reason to alter the schedule slightly (such as their falling in the same week, specific dates will be notified regularly) we hope this gives enough coverage so whether you're busy during the day, or prefer the morning you'll find a session that you can attend.

We are also very excited about our printable pdf full-length bi-monthly magazine style Academy Journal which includes lots of news, creative projects and new ideas.  There is so much potential here for creating something that can genuinely support you AND that we can all have a lot of fun with.


Finally, there's an online folio of images to inspire you that is updated regularly. 


At the moment we're aiming to give you an update of at least one video and update of images per week.  We're developing this all the time.

Join us!

Email: deboracaneart@gmail.com

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