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Online Sketch Workshop Descriptions

Our mission is to make the highest quality art courses, to offer a positive and supportive environment and to assist you to develop your own individual approach to drawing.  All of our courses are compatible with the digital genre and our newest courses now also offer additional instructions for those of you who choose to work digitally (including lots of fresh ideas and drawing exercises that are specific to this new digital genre).  The majority of our classes will be taught online for the foreseeable future enabling you to share this unique, creative and rewarding experience with us in your own way, at a time and place that suits you best.  Our courses are suitable for everyone, though you may find it helpful to start with our foundation courses First Steps in Pen & Ink  and Further Steps in Pen & Ink if you are entirely new to drawing. 

Urban Landscapes

This is a companion course to Architecture in Pen & Ink (which covers the drawing theory).  In this sketch workshop we looks at lots ways of developing ideas relating to buildings and architecture, how to create imaginative, intuitive configurations and explore lots of options for adding colour to your work.  A folio of visual information accompanies the course providing photographs for you to work from, as well as lots of ideas for how to find inspiration by yourself from the things around you.  Jam packed full of enjoyable, connected, interesting projects to spark your creativity.  The course is made up of 4 parts, each of which should take you around 4-5 hours to complete.  Everything is presented in logical steps that are easy to follow at your own pace.  Intended for students with some drawing experience.

Part 1:  Explore Your Boundary

Part 2:  Get things into perspective

Part 3:  Search for Openings

Part 4:  Look at the Panorama

We have put together this little FREE single-part sketch workshop for all of you who might be wondering what our courses look like.  It also serves as a guide to help students learn how to navigate the online format.  Just like our normal sketch workshops it’s Jam-packed full of enjoyable, connected, interesting projects to spark your creativity.  Just connect to the link here:

Sketch Workshop:
Hidden Treasure

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