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Bourn Pottery

A series of face-to-face masterclasses held at Bourn Pottery  intended for students with some experience.  Contact Bourn Pottery directly to book your place.

Porcelain Agateware

6 December 2020

A one-day face-to-face course looking at a variety of techniques for making porcelain agateware earrings and pendants.  The main aim of the course is to introduce you to manipulating coloured porcelain layers but we will also cover some very simple modelling techniques and will show you how to finish your pieces using sterling silver findings.  All materials (including a limited number of sterling silver findings) are included.  1-day £175,  book via Bourn Pottery

Mastering Porcelain

27 February 2021

Porcelain is a special material that offers amazing possibilities but it can be tricky to handle.  This 1-day face-to-face course explains the nature of porcelain and looks at different ways to manipulate it: covering incised decoration, carving and slip trailing with lots of ideas of ways in which you might combine all of these techniques to make a variety of vessels. All materials are included.  1-day £150,  book via Bourn Pottery

Sculpting a Portrait Head from Life

27 March 2021

A one-day face-to-face ceramic sculpture course modelling a portrait head from life using stoneware clay.  We will cover all of the practical techniques to create a fired portrait head, including creating a basic shape using a coil building method, how to establish correct proportion and getting the correct surface texture and finish.  During the course you will work from a live model and will learn how to observe and interpret detail effectively.

Your portrait head will be completed on the day and then fired for you to either bisque (if you want to glaze or add oxides at a later stage) or stoneware (to totally vitrify the clay ready if you are not planning any further surface decoration).

All materials are included.  1-day £150,  book via Bourn Pottery

Porcelain Agateware Dish

1 May 2021

Following on from the successful Porcelain Agateware Jewellery Masterclass, this one-day workshop is an opportunity to work with porcelain clay and manipulate coloured porcelain layers in different configurations to make a variety of dishes and bowls. The name agateware is derived from the agate stone, which when sliced shows multicolored layers. This pottery technique allows for both precise and thought out patterns, and free random effects.1-day £150,  book via Bourn Pottery


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