Online  Glaze Courses

You will need to provide all materials, tools and firing.  This course is set up in conjunction with Bourn Pottery and you will need to register with them separately to fire your work.   Bourn pottery can also supply clay giving you the opportunity to pick up your supplies as you drop off work for firing.  Alternatively, you may have your own kiln, or you may live in a different part of the world and will have a pottery locally that can supply you with clay and fire your work for you.

Exploring Ceramic Glazes: Understanding Stoneware Recipes (online)

Starts 12 April 2021

A 4-part online course exploring Stoneware glaze recipes held in conjunction with Bourn Pottery (£75).  The course is aimed at students with some pottery experience and will lead you through understanding raw materials and how to evaluate and experiment with stoneware glaze recipes.  Each part includes a set of high quality pdf notes which contain lots of ideas and experiments, along with 5 fortnightly zoom sessions on Monday nights (19:00-21:00 on 12 Apr, 26 Apr, 10 May, 24 May 2021, plus a final shorter wrap up zoom session on Monday 7 Jun 2021 to discuss your final set of results).   Each session includes long demonstrations on how to work with (and experiment with) raw glaze materials.  There is a fortnightly gap between sessions to give you enough time to get your own tests fired in between classes so that you can discuss your results at the next session.


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