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Live Online Sketch Workshop Autumn Fruits

2-5 November 2020

Our fully interactive sketch workshop will be live online from 2-5 November 2020.  It consist of 4 parts of high quality course notes (Part 1: Relative Tone: the Complete Story; Part 2: Autumn Leaf Studies; Part 3: Decay; Part 4: Seeds &Pods), extensive image folios, and morning & afternoon zoom sessions which will include practical demonstrations along with the opportunity to ask questions.  In order that you can have the maximum benefit from this course, all of these course materials will remain available for you to refer to until 31 January 2021.  We will be searching for subjects in our local area and will be uploading photos live into the portfolios for you to draw from and generally getting us as close as we can to the experience of a real face to face workshop.  This is a completely immersive experience and is as close as we can get to the experience of a live sketch workshop.  

Course materials and relevant links will be sent out a few days before the course starts.

Sketch Workshop:
Autumn Fruits LIVE 2020

Taking inspiration from the changing season and focusing on relative tone, this course looks at depicting autumn fruits, seed pods and decay.  We start with relative tone studies in pencil, moving rapidly on to explore how tone relates to texture in pen & ink and its connection with the autumn colour story.  A unique drawing course responding to what we find around us in autumn, with brilliant insights into how we perceive relative tone.

The course is made up of 4 parts, each of which should take you around 4-5 hours to complete.  Everything is presented in logical steps that are easy to follow at your own pace and also includes additional instructions for students who choose to work digitally. Take part live as it happens 2-5 November 2020.

Part 1: Relative Tone: the Complete Story

Part 2: Autumn Leaf Studies

Part 3: Decay

Part 4: Seeds &Pods

We have put together this little FREE single-part sketch workshop for all of you who might be wondering what our courses look like.  It also serves as a guide to help students learn how to navigate the online format.  Just like our normal sketch workshops it’s Jam-packed full of enjoyable, connected, interesting projects to spark your creativity.  Just connect to the link here:

Sketch Workshop:
Hidden Treasure


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