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I am a Cambridgeshire artist working digitally, in ceramics and in pen & ink creating drawings of local scenes and familiar things.   Following a brief pottery apprenticeship with Chris Soule early in the 1980s I went to Medway College of Design to study ceramics.  In those days if you wanted to collect visual information you had to do so by drawing and, because we were studying ceramics, no-one tried to put you off drawing in pen & ink.  I have run a studio ever since leaving art college making a wide variety of objects (reduction fired stoneware and acrylic paintings from my studio in Warwickshire in the 1980s; huge lustreware decorated bowls and stoneware domesticware in the 1990s from my studio in City Road in Cambridge; screen printing and embroidered textiles in the 2000s; and finally the move towards pen & ink and digital art more recently).  All of these activities have been underpinned by observational drawing and my use of sketchbooks.

Throughout my career I have taught art and ceramics in a variety of different settings and hugely value my time spent on this activity.  At the moment I am unable to offer the variety of face to face courses that I used to (largely due to the Covid-19 restrictions) I am still offering some online drawing workshops and online ceramics classes.  My mission is to make the highest quality art courses, to offer a positive and supportive environment and to assist you to develop your own individual approach to drawing.  All of my drawing courses are compatible with the digital genre and offer additional, separate instructions for those of you who choose to work digitally.  These courses are full of fresh ideas and simple exercises that lead you through a creative process, aiming to be suitable for everyone.

My whole life has been spent working creatively, learning new skills, getting to grips with industrial processes.  I have applied this creativity to changing times and new technologies, perpetually re-inventing myself.  So many things that were technically impossible when I started in art school (you couldn’t even take a photograph easily in those days) are now possible with the click of a button from my chair at home.   I am currently building up a selection of prints of my work which you can buy via this website and am exploring all of the different ways in which my designs can be applied to those familiar things that I love to draw...

I am always pleased to hear from you, get in touch!     Or join me on Patreon

Email: deboracaneart@gmail.com

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